Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It would seem that Augustus is really Augusta. I found the evidence tonight, ending weeks of speculation.

That's it, up there on the left. It's almost as big as my palm. Definitely a goose egg. The speckled one on the right is a turkey egg I believe.

And I promise, no more egg pictures! (Well, maybe one when the duck finally lays a egg).

And really, she's a beautiful girl. You can't really tell in the photo, but her eyes are the most beautiful blue!


  1. Now *that*'s an egg! Wow.

    It can feed the whole family! ;)

  2. O woe is me. No more egg pictures. I love the egg pictures.


    Thanks Maggie.


  3. We're got our fourth egg this week. Too bad I've no gander!

    james! I was glad to hear you all were on your way home. We'd love to visit when you feel up to it! And don't worry, I'm sure an egg will work it's way into a post again...