Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's in a name?

We have a big decision here at Little Creek Farm. Apparently according to county regulations, if there are three or more residences on one drive, that drive has to have a street name and new addresses must be assigned. Guess who has three residences on their drive? Yippee!!!
So our new neighbor and Charlie have decided to ignore the rental property and just go with coming up with a name. Only two have to agree. Our first two choices - Little Creek Lane and Bumpy Road were taken.

Our new neighbor loves our turkeys and thinks we should come up with a name revolving around them. However the word "turkey" turns up in plenty of place names around here. Charlie came up with "Royal Palm" after our beloved Louis, but I think it's a little too "coastal" for around here.

I hate to have to change checks, credit cards and all the other things that will need to be changed (although it means I can get a new driver's license photo!). I guess the good thing is that we will have the street number of "1". Sweet.

Why not suggest a name or two. Maybe you'll win and get a free jar of Little Creek apple jam!

Oh and one more thing. I stepped out of the shower this morning and Charlie said, "We won!". Let's hear it for a change in the political atmosphere!


  1. Uummmmmmm......

    Turkeyscratch Lane.

  2. I stink at naming things. But I just have to say that Louis is GORGEOUS. Wow.

  3. names your street:
    Little Creek Lnae
    Monkey Terrace
    Bear Woods Lane

  4. Maggie--

    Dunno what happened to my previous reply here, but Melissa and I are having some fun with your street name. How 'bout:

    Wattle Way

    Istanbul Ln. ('cuz your place obviously is the capital of Turkey)

    Constantino Pl. (a sight gag, of course)

    Cogito Ave. (obvious shameless marketing tie-in).

    --James A.

  5. Turkey Trot Trail (yes, an overabundance of alliteration, I know!)

    Mountain Vista Avenue (I love the photos you've shared of the view.)

  6. I was going to suggest Louis Lane, but then I realized it sounded like Superman's girlfriend. :-)

    I am bad at this. My first priority for street names is always shortness, so that it's less of a pain to write out. (Yes, even with our current one, I use return-address stickers whenever I get them free in the mail.) I loved it when I used to live at 456 Ohio St. Super E-Z.

    How about Ramp St.? Farmlet Rd.? Poultry Place?

  7. I to like brevity in a name. We're still thinking. We have a list, but government offices were closed Friday. Our neighbor wants it to be "pretty". There goes Monkeys idea of "Silly Billy Doo Dah"...

  8. John D. Wilson8:47 AM

    Gobble Up Way