Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tomorrow's menu

The turkey will not fit in the oven. It weighs more than the Monkey. What to do? Well, we've decided to cut him into smaller parts and roast the dark meat seperately. I swear the legs are about as big as the average turkey breast. It's incomprehensable, really.

So here's the plan.

The world's largest turkey from right here at Little Creek Farm

Salad, made with lettuce from Weaverville - 20 miles by road (10, as the crow flies), goat cheese from Madison County - 25 miles, and walnuts from right beside the creek.

Mashed Potatoes from Madison County - 25 miles (our potatoes were consumed rather rapidly this year)

Carolina Rice (over 100 miles, but from the Carolinas) with locally grown oyster mushrooms.

This day requires lots of starch!

Green Beans and Beets from our garden and Brussel Sprouts from just down the road.

We were going to forget about the Cranberry Sauce, until Charlie's aunt, who will be visiting wanted to make it and then wonder of wonders, Charlie found Cranberries from the mountains of South Carolina - go figure

I hope there's room left in everyone's belly for the Apple/Blueberry Pie!

And now, I'm going to relax and do nothing. It is a holiday, after all.

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  1. John D. Wilson8:51 AM

    And I thought I had the biggest turkey disaster ever. Back in college days, we four decided to have our 25 closest friends over for a holiday meal. Good idea, except
    - We didn't have space inside for 25 people to eat, or even to set out food for 25 people. Fortunately the weather was fair and the driveway made a nice place for tables.
    - We bought the biggest turkey we could find. We didn't know that there were turkeys for sale that don't fit in a standard oven. Ah, youth. But it did fit. With effort.
    - When you have a really big turkey in the oven, you can't cook other things at the same time. Good thing we knew our neighbors in the duplex.
    - When 25 people bring wine, don't open all the bottles at once.

    Love your blog!