Monday, November 20, 2006

Mr. Louis goes to school

On friday we had a Thanksgiving potluck feast at school. I was amazed at all the food made by the parents. There is something to say about a group of people in today's society who take the time to bake healthy goodness for their kids' school party. Only one thing on the whole table of food from over 40 families was store-bought. I was down-right impressed!

The children have spent the better part of November, learning about Thanksgiving and all things Thanksgivingy (it's a word, I swear...). So what better way to celebrate than to bring them a real live turkey. Louis strutted and gobbled to his heart's content for pre-kindergarteners and elementary students. He was serenaded by the little ones on several occasions that day with songs about turkeys. Everyone was happy to learn that he was a pet and wouldn't end up on the table.

It was incredible to see three and four year olds point out the snood and wattle to their parents. And for everyone to get excited every time Louis gobbled. I must be naive, but I couldn't believe how many people had never seen a turkey before. I guess, growing up in a farming area exposed me to my food, even though my family had nothing to do with farming (unless you count horses). I had a discussion with several vegans about my decision to "know" my meat (that doesn't sound to nasty does it?). And while, I don't think I converted any of them to carnivore status, one was very impressed with my philosophy. Again, everyone was quite glad that Louis was not food... I also got in a few discussions about local food and talked about the 100-mile Thanksgiving. People were all trying to figure out what foods they could make from local ingredients. I might have had a few converts there.

I'll be sharing our local menu today or tomorrow. Right now I have to get ready for school. Half the kids are taking off an extra two days, so it will be Montessori light today and tomorrow. Oh, and snow is forecasted for today, maybe I'll have my first chance to cancel school!


  1. Rock on! That is my kind of educational experience.

    My mom was *very* relieved to know that our Thanksgiving turkey will already have been slaughtered before she gets here. I think she was afraid that if she met it, she'd like its personality.

    I do like that tom's personality! I'll miss having him around. But we have two dominant toms that are always scuffling, and their latest trick is knocking the tray off the waterer, which allows all the water to drain out. I'm hoping that lessens after today.

  2. That Louis... what a tur-guy! Please tell me you have pictures?!?!?