Thursday, February 09, 2006

Snow Day

No school for Monkey today. She's busy destroying the living room and building an elaborate castle worthy of her habitation. I'm busy organizing and purging my office. I have several projects I planned on taking to the printer this morning, but we are snowbound for awhile. The temperature is supposed to climb to a reasonable spot (the South has made me so soft...), so maybe later today we'll venture out.

I'm waiting for replies from several friends before I place my chicken order. I'm looking at the practical egg layers. The orders for my eggs are far exceeding the supply at this point. Which is good, but I don't want my little stable of regular buyers looking elsewhere. As I have mentioned before, Big Daddy wants turkeys and ducks. Ugh. I'm going to order a barnyard combo and get two geese, seven ducks and seven turkeys. I don't get to choose the varieties. My luck they will all be boys. But as this is a grand experiment, we'll just see how it goes. I figure that I learned about chickens, so now I can learn about other fowl.

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