Saturday, February 18, 2006


August 2005

I am posting this picture because there are a couple of inches of snow on the garden and I've spent all day planning for spring. My seeds are arriving and I'm cataloguing and dreaming and planning and dreaming and plotting and... did I mention I hate February? A twelve foot sunflower is just what I need to get my mind out of snow, sleet, rain, snow mode.

I'm also dreaming of little chicks, ducklings, goslings and turkey pullets that will arrive at the end of March. I'm visualizing the perfect little barnyard that Big Daddy will be building soon and the fence around the garden. And I'm dreaming of a vacation that is in its development stage. Am I fool to take a four year old to another continent? And can I leave my garden for two weeks???? You'll have to stay posted to see where it might be.

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  1. Vacation? Sigh. I need a vacation. Well, maybe not "need" but I'd really like to go on one. Right now it seems like the only "vacation" in our future is a trip to visit the parents (and in-laws) before the growing season. Not exactly my idea of a fabulous getaway. ;)