Friday, February 17, 2006

Many Thngs

This week has been full of plotting and planning. The incubator arrived yesterday. We are planning on setting it up at Monkey's school next Thursday. Twenty-one days later, if all goes right, we'll have some little mutt chicks to ooh and ahh over. I ordered more chicks yesterday. Some chicken loving friends and I put together an order. I ordered the Barnyard Combo for us. Big Daddy will be building a whole fenced in area for the new arrivals. There will be seven turkeys, seven ducks and two geese. The only problem is that we don't get to choose what we get. I hope they aren't all males, although with the turkeys I don't care to much. I'm so excited for the geese! Maybe they can put the uppity chickens in their place. Five Speckled Sussex, one Rhode Island Red, four Auracana and three Black Minorcas will be joining the uppity chickens. I had to use an enormous amount of restraint. I want one of everything.

Yesterday and Today the weather has been rather spring-like. And surprise! they are forecasting storms and a "wintery mix" for tomorrow. I spent most of yesterday outside and I just want to keep going outside today. I'm feeling the need for spring!

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