Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Simple Things

I have the belief that things can be improved through small, simple steps. Our newest small step has been to add a clothesline and limit use of the dryer. We serendipitously received the posts from a friend (I had been searching for months) and Charlie installed the line over the long weekend. Monkey even likes to help fold the clothes. We are constantly doing loads of laundry, so without doing any scientific research, I'm sure we'll save on electricity (and give a tiny little back to the environment).

We're already thinking of our next little step to make our home a better place to live.
Only three more days of school. I really can't wait.


  1. Go on with your big bad self!!

    OK, so two things are keeping me from doing this myself.

    One: line sag. I have a clothesline up, strung between two trees. However, I've tried two different kinds of line, and they both sag uncontrollably. I know my grandma used to have a device to prop the line up a bit, but I'd have no idea where to find one of those.

    Two: Fear of allergens becoming embedded into the clothes. Can you imagine my line-dried hankies actually making me sneeze *more*?

    (I'm jealous of the summer break coming up for you. Here's to no year-round school heading your way anytime soon!)

  2. Stew - fear not the clothesline! If there's line snag, just use a stick to prop it up. I don't have any suggestions for the allergens. I haven't noticed it too much.