Friday, May 18, 2007

I got the blues

This little bluebird house has been empty for 3 years. It sits on a post on the edge of the garden. Each spring birds come and check it out, get my hopes up, and never move in. This year they have. And last night, while thinning carrots I heard little peeps. Below is mother bird waiting for me to get myself out of her way so she can deliver the goods to the kids inside.


  1. I bought and installed a bird box this spring (not near as cute as yours!!) and was sorely hoping I'd have a nest.

    Carolina Wrens and some Chickadees checked it out, but I verified yesterday that, no, nobody's used it yet.


    Congrats and enjoy!

  2. We have some swallow boxes that I want to reconfigure for bluebirds. Or maybe I should just add lots more. :)

    Hooray for baby birds!

  3. bluebirds in it? I hope so. I love watching the bluebird babies grow they are so pretty. Enjoy!