Thursday, December 07, 2006

Eggs up to my armpits

The chickens have finished molting and I've added extended hours of light with a timer and light bulb in the chicken house. Suddenly I'm up to my arm pits in eggs. Also, keeping them cooped up, so to speak, has finally triggered a desire to use the nest boxes. Yesterday there was a total of 23 eggs. I found a clutch of five beautiful blue eggs under the goat shed by accident. I caught my white ameraucana hen coming out from under the corner of the shed and viola! Cool weather has kept them all fresh. Now if only I can get her to lay where I want her to.

Oh, and while I can't quite knit as fabulously as Liz, here's the Monkey in her new favorite hat. Perhaps I'll have the scarf ready for Christmas. My plan was to have hats for my two nieces and nephew as well. I better get knitting.


  1. I wish I had eggs up to my armpits... the ducks have decided they're on hiatus. Guess it's past time to start thinking about replacement layers. Just gotta do it.

    Monkey's hat looks great!

  2. I need to get an "egg fridge" - seriously.

    Oh, and I bought wool for my first sweater!