Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OK, You Can Stop Now...

Raining, that is.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain. Again. First it's drought, then it's flood. Serious flood in low spots. But my rain barrel is full again. I'd buy more, but I'm on a budget. Maybe soon I can get more, because it has been a great investment (when it rains...).

The ducks and geese are quite happy, even though I won't let the geese into the wet garden. The poultry and the goats are not so excited by all the rain. Note: There is probably no worse smell than a wet chicken or turkey. And then there's the desperate need to clean the chicken coop, but they are all hanging out inside making that chore impossible. I'm hoping for a break in the rain later today so I can give the coop a swift and thorough mucking.

Liz, way up north at Pocket Farm, has had a genius idea. It's One Local Summer. I'll be playing along, making one totally local meal a week. I think we can handle that here on Little Swollen Creek Farm.

Oh, and a house sitter has been found. How would we survive without starving college students in need of somewhat easy (considering the animal load at the moment) money? So tomorrow, we'll be heading here for a few days of scattered thunderstorms, loggerhead turtles (hopefully), shrimp, sand, and relaxation.


  1. Maggie!

    Geez I wish I could remember the name of the fabulous little vegetable stand that's off on a dirt side road as you drive down to Edisto Beach. You need to know about it...one of those old dirt-floor jobs that smells perpetually of ripe cantaloupe and drippy tomatoes.

    And there are live chickens and slow sleepy dogs in the inch-deep dust of the so-called parking lot.

    GEORGE AND PINKS! That's the name of the place. Turn down Eddingsville Beach Rd. from the main road into Edisto Beach (left if you're coming from Charleston, right if you're coming from Edisto). You'll get there eventually, although you may become convinced that you have dropped in to a scene from Missisippi Burning.

    YouTube has a video of part of the drive, believe it or not:

    The Road to George and Pink's



  2. Have a great beachy trip! Mmmm... shrimp.

    I think "Liz way up north" should be my new handle. ;)

  3. James,
    You're crackin' me up. I'll be sure to check out George and Pinks.

  4. Yeah, our duck pen is not-so-fresh right now. Ew.