Sunday, March 26, 2006

Getting Ready...

Spring is here - in theory at least. Yesterday, it snowed all day. I used it as an opportunity to finally paint Monkey's bathroom. It needed it. It was dreadful. Big Daddy cleaned the house. I love that man.

Today we cleaned out the studio. A client of his has an antique auction house in Columbia and is taking the "Giant German Victorian Dining Room Which Does Not Fit in Our Country Home" off of our hands. Can I hear a hallelujah?!?!! We inherited it from B.D.'s father and it looked lovely in our home in Kansas City, but it just doesn't work here and takes up way too much space. So I will now have space in my studio. Hooray. I will have room, that is, after the chicks have grown big enough to be outside. For the next several weeks my studio will be the poultry nursery. It's not so bad. I shared it last year with the uppity chickens. I just have to remember to cover everything as chicks create lots of "chicken dust". I'm not sure what it actually is, but it coats everything. Maybe I'll paint some poultry while they are captive subjects.

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