Monday, March 06, 2006


I finished this painting this morning. So much for my resolution of a painting a month. This was to be January's and it's now, uhm... March. I guess this means that I need to get cracking and do two this month to catch up. This one is of the Monkey in a rare moment of rest. Her portrait is an annual thing. It also looks like I may need to clean my camera lens as the photo appears a little fuzzy. Next up - I don't know, but I better get painting.

I had a dream in which I made a sheep. Now I'm obsessing about it. Not a painting, a sculpture covered in mosaic. I'm not sure how I would realistically accomplish the feat, but it creeps into my mind any time I'm idle. Scary.


  1. Hi there! New reader who just thought I'd say 'hello' and how great your painting is. I'm undertaking gardening for the first time this year, so it's also interesting to hear about how yours is coming along, although I'm in the middle of nowhere in the UK rather than the US.... OK, rambling now....

  2. Excellent painting! Maybe one a month is too ambitious. Just change your goal to one a quarter, and you're right on schedule. You can't rush artistic genius.

  3. Welcome kw! We're very similar as I'm in the middle of nowhere in the US. Good luck with the gardening.

    Laura - a painting a quarter would work, but I couldn't make a living at it that way...especially as I need to get my portfolio built back up and start looking for a teaching position! Anyway, I have to get back to work and rush my genius.