Thursday, January 22, 2009

Opening your eyes

crow art, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

I saw the crows out in the chicken yard yesterday before I went to let the poultry out. They like to visit and search for morsels the domestic birds, in their spoiled condition, leave behind. They left a record of their passing in the snow. For a brief time it was there - a perfect pattern of searching. Soon the tame birds would obliterate their mark.

One thing I am relearning is to see things around me. Not just look, but see. We all have the ability to see beyond looking. Sometimes it takes effort. Sometimes it is a moment of grace. My painting project is helping me. Looking for a moment, I'm seeing many. Choosing a moment is a little harder. And there are successes and failures. That is fine. The successes make it all worth while.

What did you see today?


  1. Oh that's cool. Now I wonder if they walked those paths simultaneously and nearly bumped into each other at the crossing?

  2. great blog:)) I love your art
    so many great blogs in US, I also love: (farmer and writer) (financial news, crisis)