Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Puppy Tuesday on Wednesday

what?, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

Today's work - process invoices then take a puppy break. Life is hard.

We took a walk in the woods after a morning of boring. There are new things to discover each day. I found a vast amount of crested iris just coming out of the ground and wild geraniums are carpeting the forest floor. Blooms should follow soon. It will be a year ago this weekend when we had our second nasty freeze and lost the greenhouse to gale force winds. The blueberries have started to bloom, so are the strawberries. The sweet cherry has a few blossoms open and the apples and pie cherries aren't far behind. It's easy to see why the freeze was so damaging last year.

I'm keeping all fingers crossed that the weather remains mild and spring-like.


  1. I'm having some problems looking at this face and not hopping right into the car and going directly to Asheville. I mean, I'm sure you and I would get along fabulously and all, and I can't wait to eventually meet you, but PUPPY (tank, right?)is compelling me to just. go. now.

  2. barknot10:01 PM

    that is the most beautiful dog i have ever seen. it is beyond adorable.

  3. Now *that* is a sweet face!

  4. How adorable is he??? Those eyes - oh my goodness. So CUTE.