Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back from a break

I figure I needed a little break. This time of year always sends me into a spiral of too many commitments and not enough time. For the last couple of years, Christmas has been a dreaded season. Last year I spent most of the month of December working on school budgets, contracts and other drudgery. This year I've been taking it much easier and have managed to accomplish much more. I even sent out Christmas cards this year. And I've been scouring seed catalogs, contemplating flock additions and traipsing through every square inch of our new tract of woods.

I've also been busy with several projects...

scarf trio
There were the scarves for Monkey's teachers (a mohair/wool blend knitted in a moss stitch, a mohair pocket scarf, and an extra long stretchy hand-dyed wool),

little dancer
Monkey's dance recital (her first - and she's a total ham),

monkey hat and throw
a cheery red hat with little ear flaps for the Monkey (in a chunky hand-dyed wool) and a mohair throw (which was originally meant for my mother...but has turned into Monkey's favorite - it matches her eyes),

local hat
and now I'm busy knitting up a chunky ribbed hat with yarn spun by a neighbor from another neighbor's flock of shetland sheep. How's that for local living? My ears will be warm whenever winter finally decides to arrive. It's 50 degrees today and raining. I won't complain about the rain - we need it, but I would like a little chillier weather.

Here's to the days getting longer!


  1. Nice scarves! And I love your hook--I'm in the market for a new set of hooks like that.

  2. Beautiful creations--both human and yarncrafts!

    Good to hear we're getting rain down there. Durham has (count them) 39 days left of water. I took a bath here in MI last night and wondered in awe at the power of the great lakes. It was really pretty overkill, that bath, and it made me feel pretty guilty. Gallons and gallons of water used for nothing but relaxation. I didn't even wash. I kept the water in the tub, though for what use I'm not sure. To flood the backyard for an ice-skating rink? Dunno.

    By the way, we need to meet one of these days, don't you think? I'll see if I can take a weekend up your way, camping. I'll let you know in advance.

  3. Thanks y'all.
    bezzie - i can't remember where I got the hook. In some little shop, I believe.

    stew - water is low here too. I don't know how many days we have, as we've got the well. However, the springs seem to be full and the creek is running again. We're not quite as dire as the rest of the state.
    And yes, we need to get together.