Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hydrate locally

This past Tuesday I listened to a discussion on Public Radio regarding this article and it really got me thinking. I thought I'd share. Where does your water come from?


  1. On this one, I feel qualified to comment: our water comes from an eighteen-foot hole under the kitchen sink. Via an antiquated electric pump. :)

  2. Mine comes from my tap, unless I'm at work. Then it comes from a jug that is delivered. I avoid bottles of water, typically. I did take one at the market on Saturday, though. Some church was handing it out, and my subversive, mostly anti-organized religion traits overwhelmed my conservation ones. Make the church pay for a heathen to drink water!

    (Next time I'll engage them in a discussion about why their church is acting immorally)

  3. That's the magic question in the desert!

    Our water comes from an aquifer underneath the Mesilla Valley. I just read today that our water department has a few issues keeping uranium out of the water (some suspect it's because of the abundance of military ranges around here) and that's worrisome. Plus, it tastes terrible, and Las Cruces is growing rapidly without its water table following along. When the population outgrows its aquifer, guess whose water they're going after? Agricultural water rights from the Rio Grande. Not a good prognosis!

  4. We get ours from our own well. We are in a location that will probably never get a water main, according to county planners - but never say never...
    I was surprised at the UPS office yesterday to see a stack of boxes with water from the Amazon! Someone in Asheville, land of rivers, streams and springs, ordered water from the Amazon. Having lived in the tropics, it sort of made me chuckle and sigh with frustration at the same time. Clean and safe water is difficult to find in "undeveloped" places all over the world. Someone is making lots of money shipping water that could really help local peoples live healthier lives, while someone here is stupid enough to think water from an aquafier in the Amazon Basin is better than water from an aquafier in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    Bottled water is snake oil for the 21st century.