Monday, April 16, 2007

Go ahead, rub some more salt in my wounds

Spring continues to be exceptionally cruel. Yesterday wind gusts of up to 6o miles an hour ripped the greenhouse off of its foundation. Miraculously, no baby plants were destroyed. The wind literally lifted the greenhouse up and over all the plants. And then to add insult to injury, it started to snow. I hauled all 140 tomato plants, 30 peppers and various other seedling and tender plants into the garage. Charlie and the Monkey had gone swimming so it was up to me to save the gardens future...

The winds continued through the night. We could hear limbs cracking and trees groaning all around. All furniture on the back porch was pushed up against the house. We lost power once for a minute or two and I was sure I would have to bring all the ducklings, goslings and chicks inside to keep warm. Luckily it stayed on. It's now getting light enough to see if there is any further damage, so I'm off to check things out before I go to school. Ugh.


  1. So is the greenhouse ok? I can't remember if it's the plastic sheeting-hoop style or one with rigid panels.

    Sucks, sucks, sucks.

    The wind is howling here now.... I hear we could get gusts up to 60. YIKES. The sump pump in the cellar has been going off every 5-10 minutes. Not good at all.

  2. Oh god! We've got it now. My coworker's car is smashed to pieces from the old-growth willow oak that fell over onto it in one of those gusts.

  3. *sigh*

    This spring is not going well, is it? The editor of Edible Low Country just told me that South Carolina has lost 90 percent of its peach crop.

    I, also, want to know if that gorgeous greenhouse is OK.

  4. The greenhouse is/was rigid plastic with aluminum framing. It's a complete loss. *sigh* indeed. The wind is still roaring - we've had over 24 hours of high winds. There have been lots of power outtages and downed trees. This has been a not-so-good spring. I hope everyone else is recuperating and didn't suffer too bad. Who knew we could have a nor'easter in North Carolina??? Liz, I just kept thinking as I looked at weather maps, "I'm glad I don't live in Maine!" :)

  5. Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Maggie. I know you waited a long time to get that greenhouse.

    Maybe you can fill the gap, for the time being, with a PVC-pipe and plastic film structure. They look cheesy and the plastic is always needing to be replaced, but on the other hand, they are easy and cheap to put up in a pinch.

  6. Oh no...........the greenhouse is lost? Oh sweet maggie, I am so sorry. Does your insurance cover it?

  7. Sorry about your greenhouse Maggie. Hopefully your insurance will cover it. The weather is weird weird weird this spring for sure.